How SwitchPoint Fees Compare

 SwitchPointAsset-Based Fee AdvisorCommissioned Sales Rep
Advisor Compensation by Portfolio SizeAnnual FeeAverage Annual Fee*Varies by product, typically 4-12% upfront, with ongoing commission trails of 0.25-0.5%
500,000 4,800 5,000
1,000,000 4,800 10,000
2,500,000 4,800 18,750
5,000,000 4,800 32,500
Fiduciary DutyYesYes - if fee-onlyNo
Portfolio AnalysisYesYes?
Ongoing Investment ManagementYesYes?
Review of non-managed accounts (401k, HSA, etc)Yes??
Retirement Income PlanningYes??
Tax Minimization PlanningYes??
Life Insurance ReviewYes??
Estate Plan ReviewYes??
Comprehensive advice not influenced by compensationYesNoNo
* Average fees based on